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Social Media and Your Real Estate Transaction

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Buyer or seller beware!   It’s really exciting sometimes frustrating when you finally get or make an offer on your home or a home you want to buy.   So it’s natural to want to share with your friends the exciting news or sometimes vent a frustrating real estate  situation.

What you may not realize is Facebook or any other social media site is NOT the place to do this.   Keep in mind it’s the internet and anyone including the party you are in negotiations with can look you up and find out everything you are sharing.   It’s such a common practice that in my last contract negotiation class the instructor advised us to look up the other parties on Facebook, LinkedIn , Twitter and anywhere else we could find them just see what they are saying.   I can tell from a seller comments how motivated and excited they really are about our offer!

So keep it quiet until after closing and then share with everyone how happy you are and don’t forget refer your agent –

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Wild Flowers in Terry Hershey Park Houston Energy Corridor

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Wild about Wildflowers sign in Terry Hershey Park

Wild about Wildflowers Terry Hershey Park

I keep seeing people posting pictures of wildflowers on Facebook – driving several miles out of Houston to see them.   You don’t have to drive 50 plus miles to see Wildflowers if you live in West Houston.   Just visit Terry Hershey Park in Houston’s Energy Corridor.   Wild about Flowers is sponsored by Steve Radack, Commissioner Precinct 3 Harris County, Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Hershey, The Park People and the City of Houston.  

Take a quick trip park at the Memorial drive entrance and just start walking.  These photos are from all along the trails between Eldridge, Highway 6 and Memorial Drive.  

Wildflowers in Houston's Terry Hershey Park

Wildflowers in Houston’s Terry Hershey Park

Sunflowers in Terry Hershey Park

Sunflowers in Terry Hershey Park

Sunflowers in Terry Hershey Park

Sunflowers in Terry Hershey Park

Purple flowers in Terry Hershey Park

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