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Buffalo Bayou Kayak / Canoe Paddling Trail

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Terry Hershey Park Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail

Sign located in Houston Energy Corridors Terry Hershey Park for the Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail

Did you know you could kayak or canoe through Terry Hershey park?

It’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of the fourth largest city in the United States when you are kayaking or canoeing along Buffalo Bayou Houston Energy Corridors Terry Hershey Park.    Put this trip on your  bucket list for the new year and see this beautiful park and all the wildlife the park and bayou support.

For more information visit

Texas Parks & Wildlife 


or Bayou Shuttle Service 


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Save Lake Thicket in Houston’s Energy Corridor

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If you live or work near West Houston’s Energy Corridor it’s important that you read this and help SAVE LAKE THICKET.

Quoted from

“Lake Thicket, located in West Houston, has historically been a major retention area during flood events in the Buffalo Bayou watershed and has acted as an important flood water “safety valve.””   

Please visit the website and find out more about this project and how you can help.

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Who is Terry Hershey ?

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Terry Hershey

Terry Hershey

Many of us the live near Terry Hershey Park in Houston’s Energy Corridor enjoy the beautiful trails along buffalo bayou almost every day.  The further along the trials you travel and deeper you get it becomes so peaceful you can forget you are in the middle of the fourth largest city  in the United States. 

I see the billboard at the Memorial Drive entrance to the park with Terry Hershey’s photo and a little write-up about her almost everyday.   I wanted to find out more about the parks name sake and I found a very good article about her at the Memorial Park Conservancy website.  

Here is a brief quote from the article.

Her first advocacy venture into the parks and recreation field occurred in the 1960s when she learned that Buffalo Bayou, the main river in central Houston on which her home is located, was being straightened and stripped of vegetation. The next morning she gathered some neighbors and went to visit the site. They saw nine acres had been flattened with all the existing tree cover removed and rubber tires were being burned on the site. At that point, there was a natural meander in the Bayou. It had been removed and the channel had been straightened as a “flood control prevention” measure. It made no sense to Hershey to straighten a river and concrete it. This only resulted in flood transference, not flood alleviation. It seemed obvious to her that this merely created flooding downstream and that a coincident consequence was destruction of the ecosystem.

Today again we are fighting the City of Houston and Harris County to stop the destruction of this beautiful park and forest that so many of us enjoy.   If you don’t know about the city’s plans to destroy this park please visit the BriarForest Super Neighborhood website and find out more.  

As a Houston Real Estate Agent serving West Houston and a long time resident along the Buffalo Bayou and Terry Hershey park I understand the value this park brings to our area.   

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West Side Houston’s Terry Hershey Park – New mile markers

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West Houston Park

Park Benches in Terry Hershey Park West Houston

The Terry Hershey Park hike and bike trail located in Houston’s Energy Corridor in West Houston now has new mile markers. The 37 markers, which are embedded every quarter-mile along 7 miles of the trail, as well as around a 2.2 mile loop, were a gift from the 2006 Road Runners Club of America National Convention, which was hosted by the Houston Striders.

The park adds value to West Houston’s Energy Corridor real estate.  Residents of the area can enjoy several miles of peaceful trails along Buffalo Bayou.    For more information on the area and real estate visit–c11081.html  or call Connie Vallone 713 249 4177  or