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About Houston’s Energy Corridor

This blog is about the Energy Corridor in Houston Texas.  The Energy Corridor is defined by the many oil industry related companies ranging in size from large corporations to one man independent companies mixed in with residential neighborhoods, restaurants, and parks.The neighborhoods in the Energy Corridor are bordered by almost 26,000 acres of urban park area and 50 miles of recreational trails. Two parks adjacent to the district include George Bush Park and Bear Creek Pioneers Park.

Beautiful high-end neighborhoods surrounded by parks and trails along with premier shops and restaurants. High quality office space and close proximity to many business’s allows many residents to the ability to walk or bike to work. The district is close to downtown Houston providing a short drive to those that work in the city. Here business mixes with pleasure to provide a beautiful and safe environment to live, work and play.

 The district is  named for the energy-related corporations that are headquartered in the area, which mostly comprise well-established names in the oil industry like Shell Oil Company, BP plc, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, and CITGO Petroleum, as well as companies from a broad range of industries ranging from healthcare to finance.
The Energy Corridor has been developed into a prestigious district with world-class amenities and lush green parks that continue to attract homebuyers and businesses alike. Here high-end neighborhoods such as Thornwood, Barker’s Landing, Fleetwood, Memorial Thicket, Turkey Creek, Marywood and Briar Hills feature choice Energy Corridor real estate like upscale single-family residences, luxury townhomes and apartments.

An Energy Corridor property for sale is often considered a highly desirable investment, and can be found in exclusive private, gated communities like Parkway Villages, Terraces on Memorial, Lakes on Parkway, Briar Hills, Twin Lakes, Lakes on Eldridge and established sought-after neighborhoods such as Wilchester, Nottingham, Gaywood, and Yorkshire. With its premier shopping and dining facilities, wealth of recreational opportunities, convenient access to office spaces and downtown Houston, the Energy Corridor truly provides a beautiful and safe environment for residents to live, work, and play.


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