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Ready to Relocate? Avoid Hiring a ‘Rogue Mover’

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Ready to Relocate? Avoid Hiring a ‘Rogue Mover’

Are you ready to relocate? If so, a new Better Business Bureau report warns folks to be very selective before hiring a mover to avoid common problems, some of which may or may not be illegal.

Every year BBB and law enforcement officials hear about “rogue movers” who demand an additional and unexpected payment before releasing possessions to their owner. In addition, consumers may also be held responsible for additional charges if the moving company puts belongings in storage pending payment of the final amount.

Consumers across the country filed more than 8,000 complaints against moving companies last year, according to BBB. So in this first of two reports on the subject, we’ll look at a few warning signs that might indicate your mover is up to no good.

The most common disputes in the BBB database involved damage to or disappearance of personal belongings, difficulty obtaining compensation for damage, a final bill well in excess of the original quote and damage to apartments, homes and condos caused by movers during the process.

Anyone with a truck and a website can claim to be a mover, and unfortunately, the moving industry is plagued by con artists who don’t adhere to best marketplace standards for honesty and ethical conduct.

So Better Business Bureau recommends consumers watch for common red flags before hiring a mover:

  • They prefer to give you an estimate over the phone, sight unseen.  That preliminary estimate will likely be lower than the actual cost when the job is over.
  • They demand a large sum of money before the move. However, it is not unusual for a mover to ask in advance for $100 or $200 to make sure you don’t cancel and leave them hanging the day of the move.  Usually, the bill must be paid in full the day of the move.
  • Be wary if you cannot find a local address, contact information and proof of licensing or insurance on their website, or
  • If they use a generic truck.

The BBB recommends consumers thoroughly research prospective moving companies at before selecting one.

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Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2015. All rights reserved.By John Voket


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